About NRBXpress

The Company

The courier industry is decades old and has remained relatively unchanged, with minimal use of technology and below average service levels. NRBXpress aims to become the first national brand of green courier for same-day delivery. We offer businesses a superior experience built on convenience, reliability and unparalleled customer service, all powered by our exclusive technology platform. We provide easy web and mobile ordering, flexible delivery options, transparent pricing, real-time tracking and confirmations and a feature-rich API for a unified last mile delivery solution. NRBXpress head office in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The Story

The idea for NRBXpress was born of real world frustration when M E Chowdhury had a monotonous experience with a local courier. After having to call to confirm that his time-sensitive and confidential package was delivered, M E Chowdhury was surprised to find that very few couriers provided delivery confirmations and virtually none offered real-time package tracking. Convinced there was a better way to do same-day business deliveries, M E Chowdhury discussed with his wife Dilara A Khan together, with their combined experiences and backgrounds, they set out to create a new, "21st century" first green courier company.